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Public Notice

Umhlabuyalingana local Municipality wish to give notice to the public and or property owners that the fourth generation general valuation roll process will be starting soon. The final general valuation roll will be first implemented in 01 July 2024, consequently the public is urged to look out for municipal valuers to start process of valuation of properties and development that are situated within Umhlabuyalingana municipal borders. However it must be noted that the process will start from the date of this advert and it will run for the next five years.
We would like to appeal with property owners to furnish the municipal valuers and officials with information that will be required regarding their property development. This process will run till 31 May 2024 where the council will be approving the general valuation roll. Tenant or occupants of the development will be required to provide the contact details of their landlords and failing to provide such details, the responsibility rests with the tenant or occupant to pay rates.
Your cooperation in this regards will be appreciated.

Municipal Manager

Mr NPE Myeni



Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 53(1) (c) (ii) of Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, No 56 of 2003, that the Mayor of uMhlabuyalingana Municipality has approved the 2023/2024 Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plans.

All documents are now available for public inspection at municipal offices, Manguzi and Mseleni Libraries, Mbazwana Traffic Station as well as on the municipal website:

For further enquiries, contact: NJ Mpontshane (Manager-PMS) at / 035 592 0680 during office hours (7h30-16h00)

Mr N.P.E Myeni

Municipal Manager

Notice of Integrated Development Pan (IDP) 2021/2022 Amendment to the Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plans (SDBIPs) and Organisational Scorecard

In terms of Local Government Municipal Planning and Performance Management  Regulations of 2001, section 3.4 (b), any amendment to the IDP must be published for public comments, for a period of at least 21 days, in a manner that allows the public an opportunity to make representation with regard to the amendment. Amendments to the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan and Organisational Scorecard will result in an amendment to the municipality’s IDP. This is to notify all stakeholders of the IDP that these amendments are available for public comments for a period of 21 days from publication of this notice.

Full notice here