Public Notice

Umhlabuyalingana local Municipality wish to give notice to the public and or property owners that the fourth generation general valuation roll process will be starting soon. The final general valuation roll will be first implemented in 01 July 2024, consequently the public is urged to look out for municipal valuers to start process of valuation of properties and development that are situated within Umhlabuyalingana municipal borders. However it must be noted that the process will start from the date of this advert and it will run for the next five years.
We would like to appeal with property owners to furnish the municipal valuers and officials with information that will be required regarding their property development. This process will run till 31 May 2024 where the council will be approving the general valuation roll. Tenant or occupants of the development will be required to provide the contact details of their landlords and failing to provide such details, the responsibility rests with the tenant or occupant to pay rates.
Your cooperation in this regards will be appreciated.

Municipal Manager

Mr NPE Myeni